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The Grace Factory is a registered Nonprofit Organisation (NPO 123-700) that aims to help moms and babies in need, with the ultimate aim of placing value and dignity on mothers during one of the most vulnerable times of her life.

One way we aim to achieve this goal is by providing maternity packs to moms who are not able to afford the basic essentials at the time of their baby’s arrival. These packs include a babygrow, vest, beanie, blanket, socks, nappies, wetwipes, bum cream, aqueous cream, baby soap, face cloth, maternity sanitary pads and breast pads.

We distribute our maternity packs through government hospitals, clinics, social workers and other community partners who have made a commitment to empower women on a long term basis.

At The Grace Factory we try to assist moms and babies during the first few weeks of life regardless of how they arrived at that point of need. We are very aware that our society is a complex one and one that isn’t always fair and just (this needs to change). Many of the moms we assist are just girls, yes very young girls who don’t always become pregnant in “happily ever after” situations.

When we reach or hear of moms and babies in need, our humanity connects to their humanity and we can get to the “why” later. It’s not okay for a mom to wrap her newborn baby in an old disregarded t-shirt or not to have access to something as basic as sanitary pads after enduring labour and child birth.

Lastly, we aim to redistribute some of the goods we receive to homes caring for abandoned or orphaned babies.

The Grace Factory became a legal entity in February 2013 and so far we have brought a ray of hope to over 20 000 anxious new mothers and babies, and assisted over 200 homes and organisations with baby goods.

Our heart and vision for The Grace Factory is that no mother delivers a baby in our communities without having the basic baby essentials for herself and her baby during the first few weeks of her newborn baby’s life.

The Grace Factory
PO Box 78919
South Africa
Telephone: 27842097112
Registration #: NPO123-700