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Taking Care of Business (TCB for short) is a nonprofit social enterprise based in South Africa. We equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they need to unlock their potential and access the economy and break the cycle of poverty in their families.

We run 4 different enterprise development programmes through which we are empowering the people raising the next generation. We believe that with the right support structure, everyone can become self-employed.

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#1 Resell Programme
Our flagship programme is our Resell programme in which we equip unemployed mothers to become successful clothing traders.  Their informal businesses are fuelled by donations of excess clothing from the retail sector, which reduces fashion waste. 

Once selected by TCB, unemployed mothers (exclusively) join the intensive two-year Enterprise Development training programme and very quickly start a small business by trading in the clothing we source from retail partners.

The programme is very practical and experiential. TCB creates a nurturing and supportive environment that builds self-belief so that women become successful small business owners. The developmental approach is holistic and deals with all facets of her life.  As a healthy woman with a healthy mind and a healthy family, she will run a healthy business.  Our training covers business, financial and life skills and we provide life coaching and business mentoring as well.

The programme is national, and we have branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London, and Paarl, supporting over 950 mothers annually

#2 Repair programme
Our 2nd programme is our Repair programme which is similar to our Resell programme but has the added dimension of training its participants, mainly men, how to repair appliances. The beneficiaries of the programme repair the appliances and sell them for a profit in their communities.  Their small businesses are fuelled by donations of excess, customer-return and broken appliances from the retail sector, which reduces e-waste. 

The Repair programme is operated from our branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, supporting over 100 unemployed individuals annually.

#3 Remake programme
Our 3rd programme is our Remake programme, where we equip unemployed seamstresses to run viable small businesses using their skill, creativity and excess stock from the retail supply chain. Donations of excess fabric, clothing, and trims (usually destined for landfill) ensure that we equip our seamstresses while supporting the circular economy.

#4 Reskill Programme
Equipping other organisations and individuals with skills to become financially independent. We offer our life-changing skills training workshops in financial freedom, entrepreneurial-, business- and life skills to other organisations. Courses are offered in person, while some courses are even available online! We work with other nonprofits such as Yes we can and NOAH to support their beneficiaries with training.

TCB Clothing Redistribution t/a Taking Care of Business
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