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Sunshine Cinema is a solar powered mobile cinema that converts solar energy into social impact. We take compelling and carefully curated content to a diverse array of communities across Southern Africa and beyond.

We are driven by a strong desire to create communal cinema experiences that act as a catalyst for dialogue, deep listening and ultimately positive social and environmental change. 

These screenings are facilitated by a team of experts and are designed to reach targeted audiences in a strategic way that helps identify shared problems and uncovers viable solutions to these challenges. 

Sunshine Cinema isn’t just a mobile movie theater. We are an ethically-minded media company that produces films with a meaningful message. To do this we partner with socially and environmentally conscious individuals and organisations to create compelling content that changes lives for the better. 

The films we screen range from practical ‘how to’ videos that teach viewers valuable and practical life skills through to documentaries on a wide variety of socially relevant subjects. We then take these carefully curated stories into the heart of the communities that need to see them most. That’s where our fully-kitted out mobile solar powered Sunshine Cinema’ comes into play. Our converted land rover 'Lamu' allows us to create a communal cinema experience in places that don’t often have access to film media of any kind. From peri-urban areas to rural villages and everywhere in-between, we turn solar energy into social impact, one cinema screening at a time. 

These experiences include dynamic and empowering post-cinema workshops and audience outreach programs that are intended to educate, uplift and inspire. We like to think that we spread a little sunshine wherever we go.

Sunshine Cinema wants to spread sunshine far and wide and so we created the Sunbox, which we sell to interested parties and individuals across Africa. We are also always looking to expand our network of Sunbox Ambassadors. These are passionate people who we give a Sunbox to so that they can host their own Sunshine Cinema screening.

Sunshine Cinema
19 Glynville Terrace Gardens
Cape Town City Centre
South Africa
Telephone: 0794772997
Registration #: 2017/112606/08
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