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Black and White Rhinos once roamed the plains of Africa in their hundreds of thousands. 
Persecuted by hunters and horn traders, conservationists stepped in from the 1960’s onwards and saved these iconic prehistoric beasts from certain extinction. After years of respite and successful breeding in reserves across South Africa, rhino poaching has returned with a vengeance. Organised criminal networks, linking poaching gangs to horn couriers to international smuggling kingpins and the Oriental Elite now all participate in what has become the greatest threat to rhinos yet. launched in July 2010 as a web-based platform and is now a registered non-profit company dedicated to raising awareness and support for the war against rhino poaching. 

OUR FOCUS AREAS: Channeling YOUR support into Ranger and Rhino Reserve Manager / Security Manager Training, the purchasing of basic kit to advanced technology for reserves and funding private investigations and informant networks. We look after the people who look after the rhinos!

FUND PLACEMENT: We enjoy a close working relationship with many recognized role players, their opinion and experience proving invaluable when establishing projects and allocating funds. All fund placement is made within the guidelines of the nationally identified needs analysis and recipient rhino reserves need to fulfill our qualifying criteria.  
To learn more about rhino poaching, or to look at our complete history of fund placement and support since 2010, please visit  

Aside from raising funds for, we have dedicated Project Pages to other rhino projects that we are involved in. Please visit these and feel free to channel funding their way.

Rhinos in South Africa are in big trouble, and they really need your help!

Stop Rhino Poaching NPC
P O Box 14007
South Africa
Telephone: 27829288090
Registration #: 2011/127862/08
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