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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organisation in South Africa.


To prevent cruelty and promote the welfare of all animals


To end animal cruelty in South Africa and to engender compassion for all animals.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – SPCA ‘for short’ – aims to protect all animals from cruelty, neglect and ill treatment that often results from ignorance of animals and their needs. When we say 'all' animals, we mean exactly that – from pet dogs, cats and rabbits to farm animals, poultry and even wildlife.

We are Executive Members of the National Council of SPCAs South Africa (NSPCA), and previously a member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) before it’s dissolution.

Since 1872 we have diligently carried out our mission to prevent cruelty to animals. This is done through education, law enforcement, veterinary care services (operating an animal hospital, and four mobile clinics serving impoverished communities), an Animal Care Centre, Horse Care Unit, and Wildlife Centre.
Our area of operation is vast and covers approximately 11 000km² excluding the coastline. By providing primary veterinary care and sterilisation, we not only helped thousands of individual animals, but also improved the health of their human family by reducing the spread of Zoonosis such as mange (human scabies) and worms. 

If you share in our passion, and want to help, there are many ways in which you can support us such as making a donation, donating gifts in kind, supporting our fundraising initiatives or volunteering at our SPCA.

It is with great humility and appreciation that I accepted the appointment from the Board as the new CEO of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. It is with a sense of honour that I will strive to ensure that this SPCA excels in all aspects of animal welfare under my custodianship. I am confident of such success through the collective wisdom of the Board and the Management Team and through the support of our many donors and sponsors - who are all dedicated to the cause of animal welfare and all want to see the Cape of Good Hope SPCA thrive. 

Collectively, we will continue to strive to create a kind and compassionate world for all animals and an improved world for all who share it. In the words of Bradley Millar, “teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar” and with these words in mind, I see my daily efforts as not only a service to the animals I care so deeply for, but also a contribution to the moral and social upliftment of communities as a whole.  Instilling values of compassion and kindness towards animals will ensure that as people, we become more compassionate and kinder towards each other.

As a Society, this SPCA will strive to uphold the values of

Passion for animal welfare

Care towards the welfare of animals

Excellence in all we do

Integrity in all we do

Our mandate first and foremost serves to prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate the suffering of all animals. To this end, all animals in our care will have a safe and comfortable species derived environment that will enable their rehabilitation and promote wholeness. The way we treat animals in our care will be a reflection of the kind world that we envision. The interactions of the various interfaces of the organisation with members of the public will be geared towards creating a kinder world for all animals.

The Inspectorate will, by all lawful means, provide protection to animals and serve at the frontlines for the prevention of cruelty towards animals.
The Hospital will deliver exceptional primary veterinary preventative and supportive treatment to alleviate suffering of all animals at affordable costs.
Care of animals awaiting adoptions and those undergoing rehabilitation in our Wildlife Department, Horse Care Unit and Farmyard will remain sacrosanct at all times.
Our Fundraising and Communications Team will practise transparency and integrity in all our dealings including the utilisation of donor funds, the promotion of campaigns and when dealing with the media.

What we do matters, and it matters even more now than ever. I thank all our donors and sponsors for their contributions made in support of the realisation of our Vision.  Thank you to for taking this journey with us and for walking beside us, every step of the way.

Mqabuko Moyo Ndukwana
Chief Executive Officer

Cape of Good Hope SPCA
cnr 1st Avenue and First Road
Grassy Park
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27217004140
Registration #: 003-244 NPO
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