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Sophia for Children is a non-profit volunteers NGO registered in Cyprus aiming to fight poverty and its adverse effects, mainly concentrating on the most vulnerable of all social groups, the children. 

In Kenya our operations aim to provide children in need with safety and care, board and lodging, healthcare, and most importantly education, focusing on abandoned and abused children, HIV positive, as well as children held captive in juvenile prisons. More than 4500 children benefit from our feeding, education and healthcare programs all over the impoverished areas of Kenya.

Sophia for Children also provides water tanks for the storage of clean drinking water. In the Turkana desert, an area greatly affected by climate change and extreme drought, we support communities with relief food, while we have built and maintain a mechanical water well for the provision of clean water for both people and livestock.

In Cyprus, since the financial crisis of 2013, we support children in 16 all-day Primary and Nursery schools through our program "I Cook and I Offer". The program provides children with freshly cooked lunch prepared in the kitchen we created in each school.

Sophia Foundation for Children
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