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Greetings, I trust that this message finds you and your loved ones in good health. As the Founder and Vice Chairman of Siyakholwa, I thought it would be Appropriate to write to you personally, as one of our valued partners and donors. There are more than 220 000 non-profit organisations (NPOs) registered with the Department of Social Development, and many are at the coalface of the Covid-19 response as they provide relief services, including food, water and Medical supplies, to millions of vulnerable citizens. With these NPOs dependent on funding and donations to bolster their operations, a significant Challenge lies ahead, particularly amidst a struggling economy. Many NPOs are experiencing or anticipating funding cuts, even as demand for their assistance Increases.

There is no disputing that COVID-19 has changed the landscape of of organization and wreaked havoc on individuals, businesses, communities, economies and Nations. Sadly, as is too often the case, the vulnerable are the ones who are Feeling it the most. For 15 years, Siyakholwa has proudly served these communities in South Africa through quality sustainable Development Goals,
Health Care, Education and Food Security-- however, this does not keep us from being one of the 220 000 non-profit organisations looking ahead with uncertainty and financial instability. The Siyakholwa Boards and executive team have made every necessary and difficult decision to ensure that we cut costs and continue to deliver a valued and much needed service. There have been a number of contributing factors that have resulted in the termination of some projects.

Many times, the drop off or withdrawal of agency funding resulted in financial pressure making it difficult to sustain the project, other times, political interference created great risk and jeopardized the safety of the staff carrying out a service. Meanwhile, there have been countless attempts by our team to secure additional funding to preserve the projects. The current reality is that we remain on a knife’s edge and feel that it would only be appropriate to let you, our extended family, know the reality. The team is continuously looking for new funders and funds.

My appeal is that you would join us in our endeavor’s to ensure that we do not have to close down any more projects. Your contribution is vital in Gauteng. Thank you for your faithful commitment to Siyakholwa and Contributing to changing the lives of thousands of people. I realize that these are tough times for many, remaining mindful of our vulnerable clients who are experiencing the brunt of it. Additionally, you are recognized for your generosity as a poverty fighting Supporter of Siyakholwa . Siyakholwa Support Care Centre is depending on your assistance and Generosity. Your support makes it possible for the organisation to address the issues of poverty. Since our beneficiaries 98% are HIV/AIDS positive And you contribution improve the situation. We are very grateful for your support, Thanks to people like you and Thank you for your consideration And continued support. We are continuing to work hard to meet the ever-increasing critical needs.

We are looking forward to partnering with you Yours sincerely,


Siyakholwa Support Care Centre
South Africa
Telephone: 0119060042
Registration #: 081-367
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