The Salvation Army Southern Africa
R 507,663
Raised in South African rand
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We provide:

  • Care for children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, orphans and those who have been abused and abandoned.
  • Nursery schools to support needy families in which both parents are at work.
  • Shelters for abused women and their little ones.
  • Family Care Centres in major cities, where you will find individual and families who need a practical and spiritual stepping stone to make a fresh start in life.
  • Hospitals for special needs patients.
  • Outreach programmes, counseling and testing centres for people who have, or may have, HIV and AIDS.
  • Homes for the elderly.
  • Homes for men, many of whom have been rejected by their families because of former alcohol and drug-related problems.
  • Homes for frail care patients and people needing psychiatric care.
  • Drug rehabilitation centres.

In addition, The Salvation Army strives on a daily basis to assist the homeless and the poor in a practical way. This includes daily feeding schemes and the distribution of blankets and clothing, as well as disaster relief programmes.

It has been 127 years (1883) of hard work and outreach in God's name and, with His help, we hope to be serving the poor in South Africa for centuries to come. Across the world, and at all times, Salvationists remind themselves of the creed by which we live: "Heart to God, Hand to man"

The Salvation Army Southern Africa
121 Rissik Street
South Africa
Telephone: 27117186745
Registration #: 012-787 NPO
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