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The Stellenbosch Safe House provides victim empowerment services to victims of domestic violence, in terms of UN 2030 Sustainability Goals. We provide housing, food, social, psychological, psychiatric services, as well as legal services.

Coupled with this we provide skills development in various fields such as First Aid, Fire Fighting, Parenting, Self-defense and, Drug rehabilitation training. We have had several successes with more than 92 NQF training certificates obtained.

We have extended our service offering to include services to two communities on an outpatient basis. This improves their level of sustainability and lessens opportunities for family violence re-occurring.

Due to the fact that the government only subsidizes only 40% of overheads, there is a huge financial shortfall, which has to be secured from private donors.

With the recent crime stats released, it is evident that there is a serious need for safe houses in our country.

It was reported that 224 912 violent crimes were committed against women and children during the last financial year. This means that 59.92% of violent crimes were committed against women and children.

We are inundated with requests for admission and just cannot address all applications.

We are kindly requesting that you, as an individual, or business owner, become involved to urgently address the needs of women and children.

We have thus launched #unsilenceALLviolence to create awareness of the effects of crime in our communities. We have also initiated fundraising to fund the opening of another safe house in Wellington.

By as little as R50 a month you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Safe House
PO Box 4130
South Africa
Telephone: 27218832574
Registration #: NPO nr 050482
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