Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust
R 62,724
Raised in South African rand
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We have a vision of a South Africa in which  women are safe in their communities and where the criminal justice system supports and empowers rape survivors and acts as a deterrent to rapists.  

Our mission is to promote safety in communities, to reduce the trauma experienced by rape survivors, to encourage  the reporting of rape and to work actively to address flaws in legislation.

Take a stand against South Africa's rape pandemic. Your once off or monthly donation allows us to provide counselling and containment services and help rape survivors navigate their difficult journey through the justice system.

For more information about Rape Crisis visit our website, our mobisite, contact us on 021-447-1467 or email Zeenat Hendricks at zeenat@rapecrisis.org.za.

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust
23 Trill Road
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27214471467
Registration #: 044-786 NPO
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