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Quality of life, dignity in death, for all in Bitou.

Hospice Plett provides holistic palliative care to patients and their families in Bitou, Western Cape. Palliative care is a health care approach that aims to improve the quality of life of patients, who together with their families, are facing a life-limiting illness.

Our Mission

To uplift the quality of life of the Bitou community by promoting health and wellbeing for all, and by providing dignity in death for the terminally ill.

We are committed to filling a crucial role in the health and welfare service infrastructure of the region and ensuring all have access to quality care.

Our Care Programmes

We operate two core programmes: the Plett Wellness Programme, a mobile health promotion and illness prevention service; and Hospice Plett, palliative home-based care and residential support for persons diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

Why the Bitou?

The Bitou region in the Eden District of the Western Cape has experienced rapid growth of its poor population in recent years, putting significant strain on the area's clinics and care facilities. The current government health care system does not provide end-of-life care, leaving many terminally ill people without the necessary care they need in their last days. Importantly, Hospice Plett fills this gap by providing compassionate palliative care.

Your donation makes all the difference!

Currently, it costs the organisation R750 per year for each of the 6200 patients we serve. A R100 donation ensures care for 1 person for just over a month.

The Plettaid Foundation
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