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Helping children break the cycle of poverty through education and skills development.

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40% of African children have never been taught how to read or write.

This means less than 47 of every 100 African children do not even reach grade 12. Put another way, half of our country’s future generations remain uneducated, stuck in a cycle of poverty. Life without basic education is a life without hope or opportunity.

“Denying hundreds of millions of children a fair chance in life does more than threaten their futures – by fuelling intergenerational cycles of disadvantage, it imperils the future of their societies.”
Anthony Lake Executive Director, UNICEF

    We have a choice: Invest in these children now or allow our world to remain unequal and divided.

    Philile Foundation
    245 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg North
    South Africa
    Telephone: 27729847217
    Registration #: 2005/011533/08
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