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PACK Taiwan is a non-profit organization established in 2016 to help decrease the number of homeless dogs in Taiwan by giving them a home and hope for a second chance in life.

HOME. Our facility in Shanzhi is both sanctuary and shelter, offering a home for up to 250 of Taiwan’s forgotten dogs—the sick, disabled, senior, neglected. Our team of dog care professionals and medical staff provides our animals with a higher standard of care. 

HOPE. Dogs who can be rehomed are entered into the PACK’s Journey from Street to Home program, a 5-stage process that that ensures the best possible match between adopters and dogs. Dogs are assessed to determine adoptability and given basic obedience training to prepare them for domesticated living.

The PACK actively works to increase the Taiwan public’s acceptance of forgotten dogs and encourages people to take action by adopting, fostering or donating. As a non-profit organization, PACK Taiwan relies 100% on private donations to provide nutrition, fresh water, medical care (including vaccinations, medicine), shelter, heat and cooling, flea and tick control and socialization and training.

PACK Sanctuary Taiwan
No. 2, Lane 405, Section 6, Zhongshan North Road
Telephone: 00886906688162
Registration #: 1050067818
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