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Welcome! I'm Henk Olwage, pastor with missions assignment.

Me and a circle of long term friends in Christ are ministering the new life in Christ to people in the distant Omaheke Region of Namibia.

Sewn together by the love of Christ, our work in the Omaheke is like a multi-colored cloth made up of many components.

We focus on this region - an area twice as big as the Netherlands - since the Lord made us to live here, have a heart for the people in their diversity and pray for His Kingdom to come. We're also spreading the Good News further afield.

“How beautiful are upon the mountains the feet of those who bring good news, who make known peace, who bring good news of happiness, who announce salvation; who say to Zion: your God reigns!” (Is. 52: 7): orphans and vulnerable children, to (and with) people groups like the San, to those in the grip of HIV/Aids, to speaking Christ's reconciliation into areas of division between people.

While things are universal in our world, we rather work in a dedicated way with specific people in their circumstances, even doing so over generations.

In Christ we are the Good News! "Good News in Omaheke" aims at presenting Christ to all God's precious people - by bringing together His servants, equipping and encouraging them, to form a circle of servant hood that can minister the Good News and be agents of community transformation. We warmly invite you to support this fellowship of friends, wherever you are!

Please have a look at our projects and people.

If the Lord leads you to DONATE, please know that we fully depend on what we receive by way of donations!

Good News in Omaheke
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75 Klaradyn Street
Telephone: 26462563943
Registration #: T39/98
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