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Counseling Station “Odysseas’ is an NGO that offers prevention and treatment addiction services. The programs and services offered are under the scientific supervision of KENTHEA and approved by the Cyprus National Addictions Authority.

The Therapy programs include individual sessions with clients and/or families who struggle with substance abuse.

The Prevention programs include workshops for students that aim in promoting healthy behaviors and workshops for parents in order to enhance parental skills. Among the prevention programs offered, is the prevention program “We are responsible for you to be well" which aims to identify children from vulnerable groups and assess their needs and family needs and provide for free services such as psychological support, school support lessons, involvement in healthy activities such as sports, music, arts etc as well as educational activities such as English lessons. In general the goal is to minimize the existing harmful factors in their lives and at the same time provide them with positive factors.

In addition to, Odysseas delivers seminars, lectures and brief interventions to the public.

All the services provided are free for Limassol Citizens.

Counselling Station Odysseas
Griva Digeni 43, Office 3
Telephone: 25334422
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