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Oceano Reddentes is a registered nonprofit charity and brainchild of 13 year old Jade Bothma. Oceano Reddentes means “the ocean revives.” Our vision: To save a fish’s home by building a home for a homeless person. Our mission: Saving the sea one piece of plastic at a time. Oceano Reddentes has a four pronged approach to achieving this:

EDUCATION teaching the youth through surf programs, zero waste to landfill beach clean ups and school visits: In South Africa the previous generations’ mission was fighting against apartheid. A vital mission for youth today is to help save the environment and to preserve it for future generations. This can only happen by educating the youth.

RESEARCH about eco bricks, plastic and sustainability: backing up our project with scientific research. Using the dirty dozen method to log data and literati app

BUILDING Use of the eco bricks created and collected to build community projects and houses for the homeless. Our first Build is with The Bhongolethu Foundation and the RE-Life Foundation. We will be building a sewing room to house the RE-Life project as well as an outreach program teaching the community of Masiphumelele to sew. We will also build a small house for the caretaker his wife and their daughter.

GROWTH To get vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged communities involved so that

they can benefit from the production of eco bricks as well as the clean-up of plastic waste from communities. People are rewarded for recycling plastic = value per kg Job creation: Eco Brick controller. Creating a job for someone who can quality control the eco bricks donated so that the bricks are strong enough and ready for the building process. Skills development: working with the community on the building side of the project doing skills development workshops and training. Partnering with like-minded organizations in education, beach clean ups, research and growth. We believe that by working together we can all make a huge difference.

Oceano Reddentes NPC
10 jamaica Drive, Capri
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 0727912514
Registration #: NPC: 2018/383482/08
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