NOAH (Neighbourhood Old Age Homes)
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Could you live on R 1710 per month?

This is the harsh reality for every South African social pensioner.  It’s all they have to pay for a place to live, food, medical expenses, clothes, transport, and anything else that they might need.

After a lifetime of working, many of these old people are stripped of their dignity and become victims of loneliness, destitution, abuse, illness and depression.

NOAH’s mission is to restore dignity, respect and life-affordability to as many  social pensioners as possible through the provision of:

  •  11 safe, compliant, affordable communal houses offering dignity, companionship and independence to more than 100 residents
  • 1 assisted living home providing care and oversight for 15 less independent residents
  • 2 primary health care clinics, offering bi-weekly doctors’ clinics with a focus on  preventative and promotive health services including observations, medication distribution and compliance oversight, advice, referrals and support services such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Dementia and therapeutic massage to over 440 members
  • 2 community centres offering financial support (incl. income generation through social enterprise development), social support, wellness support, access to information, and referrals to 150 members
  • In addition, NOAH has active engagement with the Provincial government and is a founder member of STTOP (Sector Task Team for Older Persons) for advocacy, lobbying and innovation
NOAH (Neighbourhood Old Age Homes)
19 Regent Street
South Africa
Telephone: 27214476334
Registration #: NPO 117-542