Nature's Valley Trust
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The Nature's Valley Trust (NVT) is a conservation NGO based in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Centred in Nature's Valley, one of the countries most pristine coastal villages, the NVT was established to ensure the environmental integrity of the area is maintained despite constant threat from development.

The Nature's Valley Trust operates in four main arenas, namely Conservation, Education, Community and Research. We take a wholistic view of people and the environement, and use our four programs to help shape how people live, how they view the world around them, and how they as individuals can contribute to conserving the natural world.

We believe in partnerships, and we have many of them! As you visit our various program pages, you will notice this theme that runs throughout our work. Why not see how you can partner with us too?

Nature's Valley Trust
388 Lagoon Drive
Nature's Valley
South Africa
Telephone: 27445316820
Registration #: 025-306 NPO
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