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The Mophato oa Mants'ase Society was established in 1979 for the relief of destitute children.

The aims of the Society are to foster the wellbeing of vulnerable children through their own families wherever possible, and where this is not possible to provide residential care for the duration of child placement recommended by the Ministry of Social Development.

At the moment we are providing assistance to 14 families in our community so that their 35 children may thrive, and are also providing residential care at Mants'ase Children's Home for 44 children.

Mants’ase Children’s Home provides protection and a loving, stable home for vulnerable children so that they don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from, how they will pay for their education, or whether they will be abused.

The Mophato oa Mants'ase Society is a non-governmental organization founded by the late Father Patrick Maekane, a retired Anglican priest who was well known and respected throughout Lesotho.

The Society was named for the Principal Chief of Taung who allocated land for the Society's projects.

The Mophato oa Mants'ase Society
Qhalasi Village
Mohales Hoek
Telephone: 27516731361
Registration #: Registered Society Number: 79/17
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