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In its earliest years, the LRC represented those arrested under the pass laws, which underpinned South Africa’s migrant labour system. As we grew from one to six offices, we also challenged forced removals/evictions, dispossession of land, dismissals from employment, and detention without trial under apartheid security legislation.

To date, the LRC continues to work as an independent, client-based, non-profit public interest law clinic, with an emphasis on the development of Constitutional law. The LRC offers legal services free of charge, is not restricted by political influence and can respond to the needs of poor, marginalised people. The LRC strives to contribute to democracy, enable vulnerable people to assert their rights, promote gender and racial equality, oppose all forms of abuse of power and work towards making the implementation of constitutional rights a reality for all.

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Legal Resources Centre
Constitution Hill, 1 Kotze Street
Women's Jail, West Wing
South Africa
Telephone: 27118386601
Registration #: 290-199 NPO
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