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Love to Give’s work revolves around trying to break the poverty cycle in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch, South Africa, and ensuring that children, youth and impoverished families have food security, better education and opportunities, and thus ensure a better future for themselves and their community. 

  1. Caring for children – we feed 1500 children daily. Every afternoon, we run after-school programmes at our centre
  2. Caring for families – Our Enterprise Development programme is a food parcel intervention which includes food gardening, craft, skills training, micro business course and loans, and mentorship for start-up businesses
  3. Caring for young adults – we assist unemployed youth by offering a year internship programme, Year Beyond, where they work as tutors in schools and are paid a stipend
  4. Caring for teens – our workshops assist teens to make informed choices regarding pregnancy and sexual health.
  5. Caring for pre-school children - our Booksharing programme is for children who cannot afford creche. Caregivers are trained to share books with children who otherwise would not have access to books until they start school.

Sponsorship is about real people helping real people, and gives you a chance to assist people who cannot help themselves unless you give them the opportunity to do so. Love to Give operates entirely on donations and cannot survive without them.

Research has shown that the more equal a society is the higher its happiness co-efficient is for all sectors of the community.

Help us to make Stellenbosch a more equal society and a better place for all of us.

Stellenbosch Community Development t/a Love to Give
Love to Give centre
6 School Crescent
South Africa
Telephone: 27826516954
Registration #: 046-644 NPO
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