!Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre
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!Khwa ttu - a special place just outside Cape Town, South Africa. Our mission? To share San Culture, past, present and future.

The San, or Bushmen, are among the world's last living hunter-gatherers. Today there are around 130,000 San living scattered across six countries; yet for 95% of human history all of our ancestors lived by hunting and gathering alone; no-one cultivated plants or herded animals.

Life has changed very rapidly for us San, rarely in ways of our choosing. We are largely excluded from the benefits of modern life and mostly, disconnected from the digital world.

!Khwa ttu is a non-profit company that seeks to redress these disadvantages. We strive to restore dignity and cultural pride, while navigating a practical path between the old ways and the new world. We are committed to the preservation of traditional knowledge and the development of skills to equip the San to thrive in the modern world.

The San have remarkable attributes, skills and knowledge. Understanding our shared history reminds us who we are.

Please support us - and visit us at !Khwa ttu!

Connect with your past. Change the future.

!Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre
R27, West Coast Road
South Africa
Telephone: 0027224922998
Registration #: 039838 NPO
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