Inani Start Well Foundation NPC
R 152,033*
Raised in South African rand
*Includes R 40,000 raised off platform.
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INANI Start Well Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 to improve the quality of instant cereals served to poverty-stricken children through feeding scheme institutions.

To achieve its mission, INANI manufactures nutrient-dense instant cereals in a non-profit capacity. Sell it to the feeding scheme market and advocate for better quality cereals served to impoverished growing children.

Our goal is to eliminate silent hunger and put an end to stunting. Well-nourished children have a fair chance to reach their full intellectual potential, have healthy bodies, and resilient immune systems to take on the wonder of life!

We will Improve our youth’s intellectual and learning abilities as well as strengthen their physical and immune systems to ultimately defeating silent hunger

Our innovative and bold structure promises life-changing benefits for poverty-stricken

• The centre of attention is to create social value for the beneficiaries (not wealth for shareholders);
• The recipes are designed to be ‘nutrient-centric’ rather than ‘profit-centric’;
• The focus of the INANI Board & Executives is to ensure essential nutrients reach their beneficiaries (underprivileged children in RSA);
• The transparent financial nature of a non-profit organisation brings comfort to buyers and funders that meal costs are maximised towards the provision of nutrients;
• The financial prospects of the non-profit factory is projected to be extremely viable;
• Lower total costs (no dividends paid & lower cost of capital) allow us to include otherwise too expensive essential animal-sourced proteins & fats into the recipes.
• Through research and development programs, we will continuously improve nutrient qualities and consumer acceptance while keeping final product costs low.

“We will ensure that price competitive and substantively better quality instant cereals are available to NGO’s and Government institutions to feed poverty-stricken children”.

Inani Start Well Foundation NPC
9 Longifolia Street
South Africa
Telephone: 0762073387
Registration #: 207-917 NPO
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