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Welcome to HPSA. We are a development organisation with the mission of alleviating hunger, poverty and environmental degradation through the provision of food producing animals to families in need.

The animals provide much needed protein-rich food, thereby improving household food security, and in many cases, surplus products can be sold to generate much needed income to purchase other essentials.

HPSA has over 60 community projects, that are assisting families to become self-reliant. Families receive training in leadership development, committee skills, animal husbandry, homestead garden propagation, and self evaluation.

Every family that is assisted is required to assist another family by passing on the first female offspring to the new family, and in training the new family. In this way, families become accountable to one another.

P O Box 1770
South Africa
Telephone: 27317771374
Registration #: 2000/015804/08
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