The Frontier Collective
R 29,503
Raised in South African rand
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Protecting wild places and providing proudly African solutions to a global challenge.

Frontier is an African non-profit organisation that provides bespoke services that meet the strategic and operational needs of conservation organisations throughout Africa. We develop ideas and capabilities that mitigate current and future threats to wildlife, people and habitats.

Working with partners across the African continent, our multi-faceted and impact-focussed approach delivers real change and ensures that local stakeholders are part of the process and own the success.

Setting the conditions for sustainable development that works for the benefit of all.


The Frontier Collective is a public benefit organisation (930058096) registered in South Africa and trading as Frontier.

The Frontier Collective
16 Baker Street, 10th Floor
South Africa
Telephone: 0101097112
Registration #: 930058096
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