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Family Policy Institute was chartered with one simple idea; to make the restoration of marriage and the family the cornerstone of South African social policy. The vision for the Institute was inspired by the tragic legalization of same-sex marriage in November 2006. This and other anti-family legislation railroaded through Parliament despite overwhelming public opposition has cut a swathe of destruction and family dysfunction across the South African societal landscape. The family is the first and most fundamental building block of society. The sacred institutions of marriage and the family are still the most enduring pillars of great and flourishing societies. As a consequence, when the family disintegrates, so does society. Almost every social ill currently plaguing South African society today can be traced back to the breakdown of the family, whether that is crime, violence, anti-social behavior, sexual promiscuity or drug and alcohol abuse.


Family Policy Institute was created not as just another political pressure group, but as a public policy institute to expose elected officials to the vast body of scholarly research that makes the indisputable case for the family. Our strategy is four-fold. First, we begin with policy research, using the most up to date social science data available to demonstrate the vital link between the family and a healthy society. Second, we promote family-friendly policies and ideas in the public square, framing arguments in a variety of publications and through major media outlets. Third we advance these ideas within our National Parliament, Provincial Legislatures, City Councils, and the general public. While the first three efforts function on both a short-term and long-term basis, Family Policy Institute’s Development Academy has a much more far-reaching and sustainable objective by helping talented young collegians nurture a calling to public service. By fostering greater appreciation for the family in public life and by developing future leaders committed to that goal, Family Policy Institute is building a stronger South Africa.

Family Policy Institute
49 Parliament Street
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27214627888
Registration #: 2007/029810/08
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