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The Museum & National Trust aims to promote awareness and enjoyment of the Islands’ cultural and natural heritage through exhibitions and events; to encourage an appreciation of local history; and to work with schools and other agencies in outreach and similar programmes.

The principal role of the Museum is to collect and care for objects related to the Islands’ history and to make the collections available to the public, although the Trust has some involvement with other areas of Falkland heritage – such as wrecks and hulks and Camp cemeteries.

However, there are a great many other areas (such as sites or structures of historic interest or value) that do not currently have any agency or body responsible for their upkeep or protection. Now that the relocation of the museum is complete, we will be renewing efforts in this area and working to fulfill the national trust element of our name.

Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust
Historic Dockyard Museum
Ross Road
Falkland Islands
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