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Our vision is to feed the needy and hungry people in a humane way.

Feeding in Action is a non-profit organisation that provides meals and food supplies to over 5000 people each week. With the help of our 300 volunteers we provide over 12 000 meals and 1000 food parcels each week.

Help end food insecurity. Those we feed have no other available food source and quite often we supply their only meal of the day.

Become one of our 300 volunteers or donate today.

More About Us

Our aim is to provide nutritious and satisfying food to anyone who is hungry, whether they are struggling households or people who are homeless, sick or vulnerable. We are especially focused on feeding vulnerable children who need sufficient food and nutrition to grow and stay healthy by providing meals at schools, crèches and aftercare centres in the Stellenbosch area.


  • 33 Strategic Feeding Points/Clinics - Patients eat before the take medication.
  • Needy crèches/ after care centres and youth outreaches
  • Food Security during disasters such as fires and floods
  • Families in need - on request of community organisations.
  • Sports Outreach Programmes - Athletes eat before they practise.
  • Holiday School Programmes - Support uplifting programmes that reaches out to learners during the school holidays.
  • Community outreach programmes – 'Clean up initiatives' in the communities, outreaches to vulnerable women & the elderly on women's day, Christmas, etc. We support these programs with feeding.

What we need:

  • Financial Support
  • Donate supplies such as: Pasta, rice, soup mix, samp & beans, maize meal, tinned food, cooking oil, sugar, peanut butter, jam, mayo, cleaning materials. We also have a great need for fresh bread, fruit and vegetables.
  • Become a volunteer.
  • Equipment to equip our new kitchen more industrially.

By donating to us, your funds are managed and distributed in a responsible, professional and transparent fashion.

Stellenbosch Voedingsaksie (Feeding In Action) was registered in 2004 as a Section 21 Company (2004/034112/08) and in 2006 as a Nonprofit organisation (NPO 050-365). We also have 18a Tax exemption (PBO 930027818) and provide 18a tax exemption certificates to our donors on request.

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors, composed of 6 members
We are annually audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)

Stellenbosch Voedingsaksie / Feeding in Action
Groundfloor 9B
Vredenburg Rd. Devon Park
South Africa
Telephone: 27218868986
Registration #: 050-365 NPO; 2004/034112/08
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