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VISION- The Energy Healers Organisation already help with crime reduction, helping children catch up at school so they can go further onto or at High School, then University, giving them the best chance of success, helping patients at hospitals get better or cope better with long-term illnesses and disabilities, helping children who have been bullied at school, helping the victims of domestic violence, helping with symptoms of physical disease and reducing chronic pain (thereby giving people the freedom to attend their work rather than be off sick), and much more. The Energy Healers Organisation (registered as the Energy Healers Association, as a PBO Public Benefit Organisation – a tax-exempt not for profit ) has since 2008 been negotiating for our revolutionary modern techniques to be a recognized qualification by the South African government. You may well ask “Why?” Just one example: One highly respected doctor, who cannot be named, wrote a scientific paper about how our revolutionary modern techniques were helping his patients, and, instead of his organisation hiring Energy Healing Practitioners to help their patients further, was threatened with losing his job, because it was not a government-recognised qualification. Now you may want to ask “How?” Well, we already have the answer. In collaboration with the HWSETA (the Health and Welfare SETA) and the QCTO (the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations), we have developed the qualification, Natural Energy Healing Practitioner (Qualification Number recognized world-wide as 532906000). The Energy Healers Organisation has accepted the role of the Assessment Quality Partner, which means that we have to assess the quality of training, in order to protect the public from rogue practitioners, ensure the quality of care given is to the highest standard (NVQ Level 5), and give learners the possibility of a real job, in a country where unemployment is somewhere between 25% - 45%.
The final decision, due by April 2016 and possibly significantly earlier needs your help to help make this happen & your support is vital. This final decision hangs on one thing only: The Energy Healers Organisation must have at least £200 000/$285 000 in its bank account.
Our vision is to make this dream a reality. You can help change the world by doing this one simple thing, donate today.

To create 5000 new jobs in an industry which had previously been unrecognised, aiming to also help the poor and vulnerable.

Please donate what you or your organisation can, and email with your details afterwards (such as your company details or your name and proof of banking, so that we can send you your Donation Certificate if you would like one). Please donate today, directly to our registered charity Bank Account if at all possible (minimizing banking charges):
FNB Bayside, Account 62339114902, Branch Code 203809, IBAN Number/Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Or please donate what you (or your company) can, internationally via our charity page at

NPC Registration Number – 2011/138175/08

NPO Registration Number - 102-842-NPO

Energy Healers Association
3rd Floor, Commerce House,
55 Shortmarket Street
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27843351636
Registration #: 2011/138175/08
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