ELRU (Early Learning Resource Unit)
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ELRU provides pregnant women, caregivers, facilitators, practitioners and ECD principals with the knowledge and skills they need to provide comprehensive support to vulnerable children in their care during each age and stage of their development, from conception until the child enters grade R.

This is delivered through our home-, community- and centre-based training, capacity building and mentoring programmes:

• Home visiting Family and Community Motivator (FCM) programme which covers the first 1000 days (conception to age 2)

• Community-based Playgroup Programme (ages 3–5)

• Whole Centre Development for ECD centres (ages 0–6)

• Training, capacity building, materials development and resource provision (facilitators, practitioners, principals)

Within these programmes, ELRU facilitates access to services and elements that are essential for optimal growth, wellbeing and holistic, healthy development of young children. This includes nutrition, maternal and child health care, social security, stimulation for early learning and support for the primary caregiver. Together, these services make up what is referred to as the 'Essential Package' of support for ECD, and delivery takes place across all ELRU programmes and interventions, either directly or—where necessary—through referrals.

ELRU (Early Learning Resource Unit)
19 Flamingo Crescent, Lansdowne
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 0217627500
Registration #: 003-285-NPO
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