Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization Johannesburg Chapter
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The Earth, the Water Planet Education Program

The Project’s core principle is to help the planet by creating a
greater depth of environmental awareness by encouraging juveniles to develop a
closer understanding of Earth’s phenomena and its history.

Education & Conservation

The intention is to promote a fun, tailor made multi media project which goes to schools to inform the disadvantaged South African youth about the rules governing Earth so they enjoy learning about earth and can also think of conservation as potential future careers.

CAPS Curriculum Based

Much of the material is hand picked high quality video content which has been verified to achieve the South African CAPS school curriculum outcomes and which can be slotted into any stage of the syllabus to assist teachers as well as students.

Furthermore the material has been put together by an accredited Research Scientist which ensures the content is relevant, scientific and at the correct level for each individual age group to understand with ease.

What your donation sponsors

  • Transport to the schools so that more schools can be reached
  • Cost of media equipment
  • Learners to see natural science coming to life and not only in ink on a flat page
  • Inspiring learners who have the potential to pursue environmental careers to excel and become eligible for further study and ultimately long term meaningful employment
  • Future custodians of the earth
  • As the project expands some students may also become teachers creating further employment opportunities
Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization Johannesburg Chapter
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