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It was the nation of Israel that gave us the Word of God, the Covenants, the Law, the Patriarchs, the promises and, as far as the natural descent was concerned, the Christ. (Rom. 9:4-5)

As Christians we are also aware that the early Jewish disciples took the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ from Jerusalem, to Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Driven by the power of the Holy Spirit, they introduced the Gospel message to the entire known world. For this, all but one disciple paid with his life as a martyr for Christ.

For years the Jewish people’s eyes have been partially blinded to allow the Gentiles to come to faith. ( Rom.11:26) Now, God is lifting this veil and many Jewish people are coming to faith in Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah! As a result, several Messianic congregations consisting of Jewish Believers have been established in Israel.

These Messianic Congregations need our support. They face relentless persecution from the Orthodox and other Jews, while enduring hardship from family who reject them for putting their faith in Jesus. It is now our turn to bless them with material assistance..

The David and Jonathan Foundation encourages individuals and congregations to pray for Messianic congregations in Israel and to give them financial support. Funds are spread amongst several congregations with whom the Foundation has built sound relations. The money is used to assist these congregations to spread the Good News to their fellow countrymen in Israel.

You can assist this vital cause by making a contribution. Jesus said about giving: “In as much you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers; you have done it to me”. (Matt. 25:40)

Jack Carstens
Founder: David & Jonathan Foundation

David and Jonathan Foundation
Villa Du Cap
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Registration #: Association (NPO Act 71 of 1997)
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