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Welcome to the Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CASME) Given Gain profile.

CASME is a non-profit education development agency that was established in 1985.

CASME possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in teacher professional development and implements a range of interventions in partnership with the Department of Education, parastatals, government agencies, Corporate Social Investment programmes, universities and national development initiatives amongst others.

CASME's key focus is on the advancement of mathematics and science teachers' subject competence and teaching skills in South African schools.

OUR VISION: A World Class Centre for Changing Learners Lives through Quality and Innovative Mathematics and Science Education.

OUR MISSION:To provide quality teacher professional development opportunities for mathematics and science education in under-resourced and rural schools in South Africa to improve learning outcomes

CASME has adopted three key implementation models:

Teacher Development Training Programmes
Large groups of teacher are brought to a central venue during vacation time where topics are dealt with in great detail to ensure a better understanding of the content and new approaches to teaching and diagnosing learner problems.

Learner Schools
Learners are brought together on weekends or school holidays where problematic topics are addressed in collaboration with their teachers.

Resource Centres
CASME operates six Resource Centres which provide videos, charts, experiment kits and other educational resources to teachers on a two-week loan basis. Resource Centres are usually coupled with a professional development programme that addresses content knowledge and the effective use of equipment through workshops and classroom support.

In addition to these models, CASME provides a range of individual education development services:

  • Workshops on Specific Topics
  • School based support
  • Resource Provision
  • Materials Development
  • Evaluations of Projects
  • Educational Research

Should you require further information please contact us or browse this site for information on specific activities.

Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CASME)
23 Caversham Road
South Africa
Telephone: 27318262508
Registration #: IT 623/85
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