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Who we are  
The Cape Leopard Trust (CLT; Est. 2004) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, public benefit organisation based in the Western Cape, South Africa. We facilitate and promote the conservation of biological diversity, with a focus on the leopard as a flagship species. The Cape Leopard Trust consists of a small, dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic permanent team, post-graduate students and field officers. We are guided by a Board of Trustees, advised by a Scientific Advisory Board and supported by brand ambassadors.

What we do
The Cape Leopard Trust’s purpose and vision is to ensure the continued survival of leopards for the benefit of nature and society, by supporting the protection of leopard habitat and prey species, promoting peaceful coexistence between leopards and people, and fostering community custodianship of the Cape’s unique biodiversity.
We work to achieve this vision through rigorous scientific research, conservation-in-action initiatives, environmental education and outreach, and positive communication, in collaboration with communities, private landowners and partner organisations.

About the leopards of the Cape
The leopard is the last large predator and last member of the Big 5 to still roam free in the Western Cape, SA. The species faces multiple threats, including limited and fragmented habitat, reduction in prey numbers and high levels of conflict with people.

Why are leopards important?
The leopard is an umbrella species for wider biodiversity conservation. This means that conservation efforts focused on the long-term survival of leopard populations (which includes their habitat and prey species) also benefit other species and ecosystem processes.

How can you help?
The CLT is entirely reliant on scientific grants, corporate funding and sponsorships, and private donations. Donations are tax exempt. We are B-BBEE level 1 rated and can issue section 18A certification.

Watch our promotional short film, For the Love of Leopards, for a visual overview of the CLT []

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The Cape Leopard Trust
PO Box 31139
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27765221201
Registration #: IT 2720/2004
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