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The Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal (CAB, Nepal) is a leading blind sports organization, established with an aim to promote cricket among sixteen thousands blind youth in Nepal, to ensure and enhance blind right to sports.

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CAB, Nepal was established in 2006 as a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organisation run and managed by all blind and visually impaired persons in accordance with the norms and values mentioned in article thirty of the United Nation’s convention on the right of people with disability.

Using cricket as a tool, the main objectives of CAB, Nepal are to rehabilitate, expose the hidden competency of the blind, develop leadership qualities, discipline, and a spirit of sportsmanship, inject a sense of confidence and responsibility, empower and establish blind as a better and capable citizen of society.  

Moreover, we also aim to make the blind; physically fit, mentally alert and bold enough to confront any sort of hardship in life.  For a group like the blind with lesser mobility and less chances to do regular exercise, sports also bears a medicinal and physiotherapic value to balance physiological, circulatory, respiratory and various other metabolic activities. Because of the lack of exercises almost eighty percent of the blind are diabetic, pressure and respiratory patients. We are also striving to support their study and economics by seeking scholarships and jobs for the needy players.

As a result of our efforts, one blind girl has received a four year educational scholarship, three girls and one blind boy are also now working as physiotherapists at Seeing Hand International and one girl is a telephone operator at K and K Enterprise.

The exchange of ideas and views in and outside the game is making blindness a more mainstream topic in the society.

This cricket is now being played in thirteen Districts of Nepal incorporating more than 120 blind women players and more than 450 male players.

CAB, Nepal is the only country in the world to have a blind women cricket team and also bears the record of being the first in Nepal to play in the World Cup that took place in India in 2012. CAB, Nepal is the only organization in Nepal to have signed the Brighton Declaration on women and sport. 

In 2013, CAB, Nepal was shortlisted as one of the top three organisation of the world at the 2013 Beyond Sport Awards and subsequently at the Peace and Sport Award 2013.

Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal
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