Bru Columbanus
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Brú Columbanus
Provide temporary accommodation for relatives of seriously ill patients in Cork Hospitals, keeping families together.

Our Vision
Every day, families arrive at hospitals away from their homes with a relative in need of urgent medical treatment.
We offer an environment where patients and their loved ones feel safe and well cared for while hospital treatment is required

Our Values
Honesty- hard work and high standards

Openness - we welcome all families regardless of their financial circumstances, ethnicity or religion.

Empathy -we prioritise the qualities of compassion, caring and kindness to nurture empathy

Integrity – we strive to have integrity in everything we do and in the relationships we build

Friendliness and Welcome – we offer a home away from home in a welcoming and friendly environment

Bru Columbanus
Bru Columbanus
Cardinal Way
Telephone: 0214345754
Registration #: 20060282
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