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It's Time to Help our Children Achieve a Good Start

The Bright Kid Foundation believes that every child in South Africa has a right to quality pre-school education in a safe and learner-friendly environment, with access to educational toys and books that encourage an optimal learning experience, supervised by a trained teacher.

Unfortunately this is not currently the case because many rural areas cannot afford or do not have access to full functioning classrooms. And so we came up a solution: the Edutainer, containers converted into fully equipped preschool classrooms where children can realise their full potential in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

What is the Edutainer?

The Edutainer is an ‘instant classroom’ made from a 12 meter (40 foot) shipping container, ideal for pre-school classrooms, taking up to 25 children.

The Edutainer is an innovative and practical way to address the problem of scarce, inferior early childhood education in South Africa. The conversion process (which you can read more about in the article below), ensures that the Edutainer is fitted with windows and doors, insulated, electrified, furnished, and then delivered to a community and installed on prepared concrete foundations. The Edutainer is plentifully stocked with carefully selected books, teaching aids, and educational toys. Edutainers are usually used as pre-schools for five to six year olds in impoverished areas where there are no existing preschool facilities or those that are available are substandard at best, to provide and safe and productive learning environment.

The extensive conversion transforms the container into a bright, airy classroom which includes: insulated ceilings, large windows, a heating fan, soft-board, chalkboard, vinyl tiles, electricity, burglar bars, a large cupboard, shelving, and coat-hooks. The Edutainer is decorated on the outside and filled with school furniture and educational toys.

The Bright Kid Foundation builds the Edutainer foundations and then delivers the container to a selected site. Edutainers are donated to carefully chosen early learning NGO's with a sound infrastructure and well trained teachers.

Converted containers solve the difficult problem of building in remote areas in Africa. These fully equipped structures are delivered to remote sites by land, sea or rail. In addition to the Edutainer pre-schools, we are also producing Edutainer Toy Libraries in response to community needs.

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