Breadline Africa
R 409,615*
Raised in South African rand
*Includes R 20,000 raised off platform.
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Breadline Africa, one of the biggest providers of educational infrastructure for poverty relief in Southern Africa, has provided 1,000 units to poverty-stricken communities since its establishment in 1993.

The South African-based non-profit organisation believes that every child has the capacity to do something amazing with his or her life. When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities are opened up, allowing them to choose a path for their own future.

Breadline Africa enables this journey by providing initiatives and infrastructure to support childhood development in Southern Africa.

The renovated containers and prefabricated units are used as classrooms, kitchens and toilets at early childhood development centres and as feeding kitchens and libraries at primary schools.

Breadline Africa
1 Platinum Park Capricorn Business Park
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27214180322
Registration #: 053-406 NPO
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