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The mission of BirdLife South Africa is to promote the enjoyment, conservation, study and understanding of wild birds and their habitats.

Why should we conserve birds?

Birds are an important part of the world's biodiversity, providing important ecosystem services. Birds are indicators of the state of the environment. In general, places that are rich in bird species are also rich in other forms of biodiversity. Their presence indicates a healthy environment. BirdLife South Africa is a registered non-profit, public benefit environmental organization and the only dedicated bird-conservation organisation in South Africa. We have over 6 000 members in 32 bird clubs throughout South Africa. BirdLife South Africa produces its own birds and bird-watching magazine, African Birdlife.

BirdLife South Africa is honoured to have three distinguished South Africans, Mrs Gaynor Rupert, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe and Mr Mark Shuttleworth, as its Honorary Patrons.

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BirdLife South Africa
Isdell House, 17 Hume Road
Dunkeld West
South Africa
Telephone: 27217835305
Registration #: 001-298 NPO
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