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50% of South Africans are functionally illiterate! They cannot read or write well enough to deal with the everyday requirements of life. This continues to be a problem for children in schools where low literacy levels still affect so many of them.

16 544 schools (about 64% of all schools) have been given “No Fee” status because parents do not have the resources to cover more than the bare essentials. Although most of these schools are supposed to have textbooks, they have no money for storybooks which provide the foundation of literacy.

Biblionef is an NPC (Not for Profit Company) that addresses this need by donating new storybooks to children at schools and other children’s organisations with an educational focus countrywide. Biblionef is singular in that it donates indigenous mother tongue books.
We believe that access to books will create geniuses and ensure better education, more job opportunities, better lives, and the ability to think independently, creativity, good imaginations, and put an end to ignorance. By exposing children to the power and enjoyment of reading it stimulates curiosity, new thinking, open minds, the ability to find solutions to problems, good decision-making ability, greater awareness, higher levels of literacy and access to information.

Biblionef’s Vision is to create life-long readers who are good citizens who can read and think for themselves resulting in a society where everyone is literate; has access to education and finds reading both a great pleasure and a necessity.

Biblionef is creating a love of reading and a passion for books by giving children the opportunity to experience reading. You can help us do this by making a donation to Biblionef so that we can support a school or other children’s organisation with a donation of books.

Biblionef South Africa
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