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Atlantic Hope believes that every child should have the best possible start in life. Atlantic Hope was founded by Marilyn May in 2010. Marilyn is an enrolled staff nurse and has a passion for working with babies. After holding an abandoned baby while volunteering at Somerset Hospital, she decided something had to be done to help such babies. Atlantic Hope was born. We serve as an immediate and temporary safe haven for newborns and infants who have been abandoned, removed from their parents care, or are awaiting adoption. We work closely with various social services.

We provide basic developmental, physical and mental care. Medical needs are prioritised, and babies are fed, kept warm, and given affection in a stable environment. Atlantic Hope is legally approved to house up to six babies at one time, for short stays. We look to accommodate more babies for longer stays, providing care whilst legal decisions and proceedings determining the child's future are conducted. 

What we have achieved so far: In the time that Atlantic Hope has been operating, over 140 babies have been placed in our care. Each one has gone on to a more permanent caring and supportive environment.

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Atlantic Hope
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Telephone: 27214348514
Registration #: 085-420-NPO
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