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Encouraging the reconnection of individuals to themselves, each other and the world.

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Amava Oluntu is a Non-Profit Company working towards community resilience through personal development and community dialogue.‘Amava’: isiXhosa for experience, as in the life wisdom and knowledge that one accumulates from birth through every learning encounter along the way. We believe in reducing inequality through sharing these life learnings as well as skills so that more people can enjoy sustainable livelihoods.

Our Vision
Diverse, abundant, and resilient communities that collectively share wisdom, knowledge, and resources.

Our Mission
Together with the community around us, we respond to critical social issues and share networks and resources that enable us to become strong change agents.

What we do
We seek to create interpersonal spaces of learning that recognize multiple forms of wisdom we all have to share with one another. Seeking to create more just futures, we focus on youth empowerment so that they can become changemakers in the life of many. We believe in a world where youth are supported by a whole community, tapping into existing networks and opportunities that can lead to income generation, skills sharing and increased well-being.

How we work
Working from the inside out: We enable youth to connect with themselves, to be independent and have positive morals – in a safe learning hub.
Through diverse networks and skills sharing, we create informal learning experiences that offer practical skills and knowledge to equip youth with the ability to create solutions to the challenges in our society. These young champions act as agents of change within their communities.
Our core methodology is Participatory Video which enables storytelling, constructive communication and community dialogue.

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Your support will be used to address the most pressing needs in community work.
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Amava Oluntu
148 Main Road
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 0724780664
Registration #: 2011/108066/08
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