Africa for Haiti
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We Africans share a bond of common ancestry with the People of Haiti. They are truly our brothers and sisters. The earthquake that struck on the afternoon of 12 January shattered their world and they now need our unconditional generosity.

Many people say that Africa is in no position to help others. This is simply not true. Within Africa there are enough individuals and organisations that can and must make a contribution – perhaps not on the scale of some western superpowers, but certainly meaningful.

Africa for Haiti is a campaign that unites the efforts of Africans in supporting medium and long-term reconstruction projects, as identified in partnership with Haitian civil society organisations. It is the first pan-African collaboration of this nature and scale, and an opportunity to prove to the world that Africa has a big and caring heart.

Here in South Africa we speak of Ubuntu – that wonderful concept of connectedness and sharing. It is now up to us to show the people of Haiti the true meaning of Ubuntu.

Graça Machel

Africa for Haiti
C/o Southern Africa Trust
4 Midridge North, International Business Gateway
6th Road (off New Road)
South Africa
Telephone: 27114586128
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