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ASA is a nonprofit organization, that uses adaptive sports as a platform for social inclusion, advocacy, and raising awareness on equal participation of children with and without disabilities both in schools and communities (including refugee settlements) within Uganda.  We believe that sports has the power to develop children both mentally and physically, increases social well-being which later translates to gained self-esteem and confidence.

The organisation also focuses on economic empowerment through employable skills development for youth with disabilities in Northern Uganda. 

Your Kind donation will greatly support our work of inclusive and healthy community.

  1. Donate $20 to support a child with a disability get a full playing kit.
  2. Donate $25 to support a girl with disability engage in adaptive sports and physical literacy at school.
  3. Donate $65 to train a teacher in a primary schools in sign Language Adaptive sports and inclusive education (3 Months)
  4. Donate $50 to support a disabled child's school fees for a year.
  5. Donate $80 to purchase sports equipment's for Ability Sports.
  6. Donate $200 to assess and procure assistive device for a school going child with a disability.
  7. Donate $2000 to support two festivals in a year.

Thank you once again for the donation and your time. 

Ability Sports Africa
Jomo Kenyatta Road
Telephone: 0771487566
Registration #: CDR804(B)
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