Established in 1997 by Nelson Mandela, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Dr Anton Rupert, Peace Parks Foundation is a credible advisory, facilitation, management and administrative partner.

The foundation's achievements include:

  • Supporting the development of 10 transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs) in various stages of development across southern Africa
  • Being instrumental in the signing of eight international conservation agreements.

Your funding to Peace Parks Foundation impacts local economic development and the private sector in rural Africa through

The foundation also contributes to people and nature through its special programmes that

Peace Parks do not belong to one individual or organisation. Only with your assistance can the Foundation´s staff work daily to

  • Support collaboration between African governments needed to achieve regional economic integration through the sustainable management of transboundary natural resources
  • Make nature conservation economically viable to improve the lives of many people
  • Enhance biodiversity protection, the cornerstone of well-functioning ecosystems

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Peace Parks Foundation, an international development and conservation NGO, facilitates the establishment of large ecoregions that straddle the borders of two or more countries connecting ecosystems, known as transfrontier conservation areas (peace parks), and develops human resources, thereby supporting sustainable economic development, the conservation of biodiversity and regional peace and stability.

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