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  1. As they say, “don't rob Peter to pay Paul”! All St Paul's partners and other supporters are encouraged to contribute towards the work done at St Paul's from this GivenGain site. Funds donated here will go towards our normal running expenses. Money given here will also be used to subsidise some of our other projects when needed. Click here to set up your own secure online debit order.


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  1. Apprentice Programme
    Aim The St Paul’s apprenticeship program exists to recruit, equip, and send a new generation of faithful gospel servants into the world. The vision for the p...
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  2. Apprenticeship: Adele Steyn
    More About Me...  I studied teaching (B.Ed) at Stellenbosch for four years, during which time I attended St Paul’s / TBT Church. After completing my studies I taught in Lond...
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  3. Apprenticeship: Ross Netterville
    About me: I studied a 3 year undergraduate degree majoring in political science, economics and decision theory. It was in my first year of the degree that I became a Christian while att...
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