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  1. About me: I studied a 3 year undergraduate degree majoring in political science, economics and decision theory. It was in my first year of the degree that I became a Christian while attending St. Paul’s church. After my undergraduate degree I started a master’s degree in decision making and knowledge management which I completed in 2012. I have been encouraged by numerous people to become an apprentice at St. Paul’...


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  1. Apprenticeship: Adele Steyn
    More About Me...  I studied teaching (B.Ed) at Stellenbosch for four years, during which time I attended St Paul’s / TBT Church. After completing my studies I taught in Lond...
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  2. Children's Church
    Children's Church runs every Sunday (9-10am) and caters for children between the ages of 3 and 13 years. Our meetings are geared toward teaching children the truths of the Bible in a way...
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  3. Apprentice Programme
    Aim The St Paul’s apprenticeship program exists to recruit, equip, and send a new generation of faithful gospel servants into the world. The vision for the p...
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