It costs a great deal to feed, clothe and provide for our children’s educational and developmental needs. While the government provides a portion of the required funding, this is not sufficient to meet the needs for the running of an effective residential care programme. It cost R4 700 per month per child and we receive R1 521 per month per child through state subsidy.

The Sponsor a Child Project gives you the opportunity to become a partner in the caring of these children by donating R100 per child or any other amount by debit order. A partner is someone who identifies with the work of the Durbanville Children’s Home and who commits him/herself to sponsor a portion of the cost of keeping one child at the Children’s Home. As a partner of the Children’s Home you are someone very special to us and you become an important member of our team.

As a partner you will receive the following:

  • Regular newsletters
  • Invitation to Annual Meeting
  • Tax certificate at the end of the financial year

Kindly click on the 'Donate' button on the top left hand side of the screen to set up your debit order or click here to send an email requesting more information.

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