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Charity profile


EPHRATA, which is the second name of the birthplace of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ "Bethlehem-EPHRATA", is a Malian association founded and rooted in biblical values ​​and principles and which aims to contribute, without any discrimination, to the holistic development of children and young people (citizens and future leaders of Mali) in a healthy and peaceful environment.

In 2060, Mali will celebrate its centenary as a Sovereign and Independent State. The projected population is estimated at about 50 million with about 67% of children and young people under age 25 years.

What kind of country Mali will be when it will celebrate its centenary in 2060?
Because we love our country, we wish it the best future in which every citizen, without any discrimination, will enjoy all his rights and fulfill all his duties.

To see Mali emerge as a Just, Free, Prosperous and Strong Nation where the will of God in Jesus Christ reigns.

  To promote the participation of children and youth and use sport, games and community transformation and development tools to help local churches, communities, and the state to promote and protect human rights in general and the right of the child in particular ".

EPHRATA's mission is based on its commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC) and their links with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Program « LADAMOU »: Full development of children (girls and boys)

"LADAMOU", which means being well educated in the Bamanankan language, is an initiative for children and adolescents with the overall goal of enabling them to realize their rights and contribute to the emergence of a new generation of citizens and leaders with solid foundations and morals values. Through the use of sport and games, the program aims to contribute, without any discrimination, to the full development of children through the improvement of their spiritual care, their health care, their intellectual capacity building (know how to read and write, know how to count and have basic skills) to enable them to be productive and to contribute as citizens and future leaders.
The main activities are: Kid’s clubs Ladamou KENE, Whole life Coaching Ladamou, Sports Camps and Kidgames.

Program Young Active Citizen: Holistic development of young people (graduates and non-graduates)

Consists of contributing, without any discrimination, to the holistic development of young people through the improvement of their spiritual and emotional care, the creation of means of livelihood and income, the good management of sexuality and reproductive health, listening and involving young people as actors in promoting good governance, democracy and social justice.
Through this program, EPHRATA gives young people the opportunity to serve as volunteers and to discover and develop their talents and skills.

Program « Street Light »: Resilience of vulnerable children and youth

This program aims to help and empower vulnerable children and youth to realize their rights. Through sport, games, professional training and spiritual care, this program brings hope, joy, peace and smile to children and young people in trauma, deficiency, streets, drug addiction and prisons situation.

Child protection Program: Promotion and protection of human rights in general and the right of the child in particular

This program aims, through the mobilization and empowerment of churches, communities, and state services to promote and protect human rights in general and the right of the child in particular. The program also involves supporting local churches in implementing holistic mission and communities in poverty reduction through economic capacity building and capacity-building in the areas of literacy, health, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and Food Security.