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Consistently, many landless capable farmers especially women cannot easily access land because of the costs involved, traditional norms and so many attached threats imposed towards acquiring land in Uganda. Therefore the shortage of land amongst women and the continuous neglecting of responsibilities at home by men has left a need to empower women economically through engagement in oyster mushroom growing that requires a small piece of land and locally available materials.
Our Mission: To leverage progress towards SDG1, SDG2, SDG5 in rural communities through training and equipment of economic skills and tools to adolescent girls and women.

Our Vision: Creating a world in which all women determine the course of their lives and reach their full potential.

Our Goal: Ensuring every woman is trained and equipped with skills capable enough to provide self determination in making own clear decisions pushing to self-growth.

Women involvement in mushroom production has reduced workload, increased income, food security and uplifted their status in society. Mushroom production is done inside a house.Therefore, mushroom cultivation has the potential to empower women and other vulnerable groups who have not traditionally benefited from commercial agricultural production.
We advanced to training women about 150 a month with an added benefit of giving them 1 free bag of ready to grow spawn/ mushroom seeds and this can yield 4-5kilograms of mushrooms in a day. We help set up the gardens at individual homes for women with small and big vacant rooms and these act as gardens.

This has benefited women so much in ways such as Home food consumption @SDG2, Selling to earn funds @SDG1, Educating children in school @SDG4, and also another benefit with mushroom growing, the old used gardens can be used to make briquettes, these provide clean cooking fuel in homes @SDG7.

Our Cause needs more reliable help in terms of funding In order to help out more rural women and adolescent girls and therefore seek for more donations because we believe once you empower a mom, you have empowered an entire household.


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