Harusekanwe Eco Village will provide a centre for village development through village entrepreneurship and the promotion of small livestock breeding and and the subsequent bio gas generation in the village back yards.

Village entrepreneurship will equip the villagers who will be trained in groups at certain intervals, in orer to equip them with skills that will enable them to tap the massive entreprise opportunities in their environments.

The campaign is to raise funds for the following:

Set up a small facility for the Village entrepreneurship training.

Set up a Pig breeding unit, from which pigs are raised for on donation to trained village entrepreneurs.

The Eco Village program will run a Pig donor scheme, which enables the beneficiaries of the training program to recieve donations of pigs yearly for the setting up of own family pig breeding projects.

The success of this program will enable participants to have a new lease of life, both through an inceased income, provision of meat and the generation of biogas right at their back ground, which will be used for cooking and lighting to mention a few. As more Villagers participate, the other eco systems around the villages start to change for the better, as pressure on the local forests is reduced allowing for forest re generation and all the benefits that comes with that.

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